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The call duck is a breed of domesticated duck raised primarily for decoration or as pets. Call ducks look similar to some other duck breeds, but are smaller in size. Call ducks were initially used in hunting, where their own calls and quacks would attract wild ducks towards the hunter. This practice has almost entirely been replaced with artificial duck calls, with call ducks now being kept primarily as pets.


Call Ducks are one of the sweetest, most docile breeds of duck, making them perfect for children! They are easy to tame and often kept as pets. This little duck has both the cuteness factor and the personality to make a great pet duck (not to mention their size makes them even more user-friendly)

More info on our birds 


proud to announce our new batch of call ducklings for this year!

We have some adorable purebred ducklings this year,

our babies will be hatching around May 6th, preorders now available!

The colors available for our ducks are black bibed, white, grey (mallard), pied and snowy


Ducklings are a day to a couple weeks old

- All colors are random

- Ducklings are sold unsexed only

- First come first served (unless deposit is made)

- Price is firm

If none are available, we do take waiting list orders

if you'd like to be on our waiting list we need

- Full name

- Your number

- Email

- Number of ducks

- Deposit OF 50%

Thanks for your interest!

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