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Nigerian Dwarf Goats

We Breed purebred, registered, Nigerian Dwarf Goats, and we love these beautiful little guys!

These goats are such an amazing addition to our farm. They're friendly with anybody, calm, playful, and love a good scratch! They also produce some nice rich milk that's not gamey, has more protein than normal milk, and is naturally lactose-free! If you're looking to add these amazing animals to your farm please contact us, and reserve a spot. We breed every fall and the babies are born around April-May.

Meet the Ladies

These are our Nigerian Dwarf Goat ladies! Friendly, calm and great mothers. They have a great disposition and stand well for milking. all our ladies' utters are top tier and easy to work with. all our girls are healthy and have regular shots and vet visits yearly to ensure their health. they're fed top-quality hay, have access to pasture and get fed goat ration every day. they are all registered so their babies can come with additional registration.

Meet our Gents 

These are our new Nigerian Dwarf Goat Boys, getting picked up this season. they will be our new registered breeding stock for next year, they are just the most handsome guys. picked for their blue eyes, health and great colors! their babies should be absolutely stunning. we can't wait to see what they'll produce. 

Available Goats

Here are some of the available goats we have for new homes


These are some of our previous kids, most have found new homes!

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