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  • Can you ship or deliver chicks?
    No, as of now we don't do any orders that require shipping, sorry! We're just a small hobby farm and haven't figured that stuff out yet. But when we do, we'll let everyone know. For delivery, yes! We do deliver within reason, and with a small fee for gas. Just let us know where you're located and we'll tell you if we can manage it or not.
  • Can I come visit the farm?
    Of course! We love hosting people and their families. Now it's no grand show but we do have some amazing animals, and a pretty cool place if I do say so myself! Just let us know if you'd like to come by, and we'll set up a date.
  • Do you take back roosters?
    Short answer, No. A better explanation, taking back roosters from other properties can bring diseases, and parasite's into our coops that our birds don't have. We also always have too many roosters...always! So adding more boys to our coops causes a lot of stress on our girls.
  • Are your birds children friendly?
    Yes! Our birds are kid friendly. But as they're just 10 day old chicks, that's really up to you. If you properly socialize them, give them lots of attention and love every day your chicks will grow up friendly, and cuddly for your little ones. Some Things You Can Do - Feed them treats like fruit and seeds to get them use to you - Touch and pet them gently to build trust - Play games with them, they love trying to take small sticks or wood chips from you so make them chase your hand around the pen, they love it! - Sit with them and keep them warm in your hands, on your lap, this feels like mom to them!
  • How do I take care of day old chicks!?
    I would hope you would know this before buying such a fragile animal, but if not here's some advice for taking your babies home. They need a heat lamp, food, water, and a draft free enclosure... Food We use medicated chick starter for our chicken babies only! Non medicated for ducklings! You might want to start off with the food in plates so they can find it, and then switch to a proper water feeder in a couple weeks or so. Water Baby chicks can drown in water feeders. We use ice cube trays for our birds when they're really young to prevent this. You can also put marbles in your water feeders to protect them. Heat Lamp A chicks environment should be 32 to 35°C (90 to 95°F) . You'll want to hang the light in the middle of the enclosure and have enough room around the light that the chicks can get away if it's too hot. If your chick's hang out just around the light, it's the perfect temp. If they're huddled under it, it's too cold. If they're at the edge and panting it's way too hot. Also place your food and water just outside the light where they hang out (called the zone of comfort) . You don't want them to have to venture into the hot/cold for food/water. Enclosure For your chicks you'll need a draft free encloser, nothing kills a chick faster than a draft of cold air. We like to use a big plastic tote you can get from Walmart, it's easy to clean, has good space and you can cut the top and put a screen there for your light. You can also use a plastic pool, corrugate taped in a circle, a box, a triennium, or anything else that can create a draft free environment, they can't jump out of. Just for Ducklings Ducklings love water so it's good to give them a shallow bath in a plastic bin every now and again, but! They're young, they can drown very easily because they don't have their feathers in yet, and can get waterlogged, so they always need supervision. They also need water to eat their dry food, so what we do is make a mash and keep it in the fridge. Duck Mash - Mix one part Non Medicated Chick Starter and one part water. - Mix until it's a wet slop, but not too wet that it drips...should look like wet cat food. - Put it in an elevated plate for them (you don't want them sitting or stepping in me!). - keep a batch of it in the fridge and replenish everyday This is much easier than watching them destroy their water to eat their food, and getting it everywhere... and I do mean everywhere! they're so messy but sooo cute! Please, if you have any more questions about anything with the care of your chicks, do not hesitate to call or message us!! We love to help and want the best life and outcome for your new chicks!
  • Are you looking for a farm hand or help on your farm?
    NO! We are but a small hobby farm, we do NOT have the means, or the level of work to sustain any employees, or extra help. Please stop sending us your resumes. We wish you all the luck in the world on your search though, times are tough, and we hope you find a placement soon!
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