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A Frizzle Silkies Is a normal Silkie that has one copy of the frizzle feather gene bred into it. It has the standard fluffy plumage you would expect but it is curly as well. these birds can come in a variety of colors from white to satin!


Frizzle chicken temperament:

Most bantams are good natured, calm, friendly birds. they're great with children and love to be held and pet. even the roosters are pretty docile and don't mind a scratch or two and Frizzles, Frazzles and Sizzles are no different.

More info on our birds 

We're proud to announce our new batch of frizzles this year!

Our breeding program has yielded us some amazing babies this year, beautiful pure frizzle silkies.

we're so excited to offer these rare and beautiful birds.


the colors we breed are

white, partridge, blue, light partridge and red

(due to being bread for the feathers these babies will mostly come in partridge)


Chicks will be a week old when released to you, we want to make sure

they're happy and healthy before they travel to their new homes.


- Our chicks are sold unsexed only

- Colors are random, and available as they come

- First come first served (unless deposit is made)

- Price is firm!


If none are available, we do take waiting list orders

if you'd like to be on our waiting list we need

- Full name

- Your number

- Email

- Number of chicks

- Deposit OF 50%


Thanks for your interest!

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