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Our Story

Hello and welcome! I’m so glad you found our humble little farm. we are a cute little hobby farm outside fo Fergus we own various heritage breeds of chicken, we have goats and goat products, bees, and of course sweet, sweet honey! we also have an adorable miniature donkey, Charlie and a sassy Rocky Mountain Horse named Penelope and this is our story….

The Beginning 


Hi, I’m Kristen and this is my other half Kristian, Yes, I know it's pretty much the same name but It's ok, it’ll be easier to remember. We met in Toronto as young people today do…through a dating app. We clicked instantly and knew we had found the one person we could share our weirdness within mutual weirdness. I myself, am a Graphic Designer, artistic, optimistic, and full of tidbits for knowledge about anything, I also love horses and movies. I am always up for an adventure and love spontaneous plans. My gentleman, Kristian, who’s a software engineer, is full of life, and talent, he’s good at everything he touches! Kristian’s always calculated, loves adventure and trying new things …Needless to say, I threw him up on a horse as fast as I could, and yes…he’s good at that too. Starting a life together seem like the easiest thing in the world to us, he helped keep me organized, and I add a little rambunctious chaos to his structure. It was Perfect. Within 6 months we were moving in together. Kristian, me, and my fluffy daughter Lilah were all enjoying what the city can offer us, walks to the park, stay in movie nights, sushi, and the road out of Toronto to the barn. 

The Catalyst 


Not long after we moved in together I had the means to get my own horse! One of the most exciting moments in my life, and I got to share it with my favorite person in the world. I bought my 5-year-old Rocky Mountain Horse, Penelope and this big girl became part of our little family. Now we love Penny more than words but this girl is a handful! We were going out to ride her twice a week, that's a 2-hour drive for use from the city to the barn. It was a lot but we did what we had to do and we loved it. Kristian and I love trail riding in the forest, and getting this new horse meant we had to train her too, she was a baby after all, and needed some help. So we went to see her as much as we could. This sparked a conversation one day, a year into our relationship, what's in our future? Especially with Penny. We both agreed we want some property, maybe a couple of archers for her and a barn somewhere in the country, Kristian could work from home sometimes, and enjoy his many outdoor hobbies and I could have time for my horse and for my graphic design business more easily than driving to see her from the city. But this was a plan for far in the future, for when we’re in our late 30s and need a change, right? Well as I have taught Kristian through demonstration, chaos follows me, and life isn’t always how you plan it.


We thought it would be fun just to look at some houses, dangerous, I know but It was harmless just to look, right? I started sending Kristian Listings I found, and lovely places we’d like to have one day. It was such a nice aspiration to have, and we did go look at places sometimes just for fun, and it was fun! We got to see what the housing market was like, what we wanted and didn’t want in a property, it gave us a lot of perspectives, yea just perspective... Until one day I found it, The cutest little country property I’d ever seen! So I sent it to Kristian and he agreed it was pretty great. We decided to take a look and booked an appointment to see this cute little nook of paradise.  

The Dream


That weekend we went to see the one property, we had no idea, this would change our lives forever. We drove up to the hose and were immediately taken by its charm, the walkway was lined with Lilly Of The Valley and it looked like something out of a storybook. I remember walking into the house and seeing the beautiful backyard through the large back window and looking at Kristian, his face said it all, he was just as in love as I was. It all just got better from there, the property, the house, and the potential were overwhelming. On the drive home, we were completely silent, and that's definitely not like us at all. Until I looked at my love and said “I’m in if you are.” he said, “Let me put some numbers together…but I think we could do this.” this was the start of a whole new life and future for us. Needless to say, we did get everything together, everything seemed to magically line up for us, our finances, the closing dates, everything, and we bought this beautiful little house with the big personality. 


As wonderful as this was, it was terrifying, a new place, big responsibilities, and big change but a new and beautiful adventure for us, and we would do it together, hand in hand as we have been from the beginning. We got all our animals here and Kristian built them a pen as his first project with everyone helping, it was amazing! Also my girl Penny got herself a brand new short boyfriend! Charlie, a handsome spotted miniature donkey! We may have thought the world of him but she was not so amused. It took her a while to warm up to him but I think she loves him as much as we do now. We also added a bunch of new family members in the form of little fluffy cotton Balls! Chicks! Yes, I’m talking about chicks. We now have 5 breeds of heritage chickens that took a lot to get here. But they are here and we love them all! For the future, we will be getting Goats, Bees and maybe getting our Charlie a miniature girlfriend so they can have some adorable fluffy babies!! But for now, we will sell the chicks and eggs of our lovely chickens and hope that they make your home as warm as they’ve made ours.  

The Life


It's now been 6 years, 6 beautiful, hard, exciting years. I don't think I could have ever asked for a more perfect life for me and my love. Kristian has taken to farm life like it was always in his blood. He loves it out here as much as I do. A lot has changed and grown since we bought the little house with the big personality. We got 2 more horses, Smokey, a pant with no spots, and Laera, a beautiful Icelandic horse with an attitude. Smokey is a 20-year-old x barrel/ lesson horse and Kristian's beginner riding horse, I think this horse has been taught everything under the sun, but still would rather just have a lazy trail ride, what a bum...but we love him so. Leara is our 12-year-old, sassy, Icelandic, my dream horse. If I were to write down what I wanted in a horse this would be it, from breed to color she's perfect....except for the fact she's a sassy little drama queen, and we had to train from scratch all over again. It has been an interesting adventure with this little horse, with the help of our amazing friends, we have gotten her to trail riding standard! and I'm so excited. She's still quite spooky, and she has some work to do still, but she's coming along nicely and we love her to death! We've also acquired some miniature goats, ducks, bees, and most importantly (in Charlie's opinion) a sweet, young, miniature donkey girlfriend named Matilda. We're breeding our goats and donkeys, collecting honey, raising meat pigs, and of course, hatching sweet fluffy chicks and ducks! the farm is busy and so much fun. We've built coops, and a pasture, fixed the barn and we're still going! the list never ends and frankly my dear, I never want it to. 

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